The anti-SOPA movement is in full effect with SOPA Blackout Day

Today, January 18 is SOPA Blackout Day, and international internet strike aimed at voicing opposition to the internet censorship bill SOPA/PIPA being pushed through by the US government. WordPress are fully behind the anti-SOPA movement, as well as many other major web players like Wikipedia. is purposely censored today in protest.

Wikipedia is about to Join the Blackout as well

To learn more about SOPA, The “Stop Online Piracy Act”, visit the wikipedia page dedicated to explaining the details – Stop Online Piracy Act. We have no doubt that anti-Piracy is being used as a guise to clampdown in the freedom of spreading information and on legitimate free speech. Personally I’m not concerned about  prevention of actual piracy as i support this in that stealing other people’s products is obviously wrong. I am more concerned of the hidden agendas and ripple effect of consequences which this piece of legislation attempts to establish.

Some of the big players opposing the Bill include Facebook, Google, Twitter, eBay, Yahoo!, Mozilla, Wikipedia, WordPress.

Check out what Mashable had to say about Why SOPA is Dangerous.

Join the protest –

A Wide range of WordPress Plugins exist to support the Anti-SOPA movement – Some are even going to the extent of laying the ground for establishing an alternative internet to circumvent censorship and governmental controls by working on a plan to launch an Internet in space – German Hacker Group Working on Space Internet